Carbon dioxide will increase by 60 million tons in the coming 30 years due to increasing demand for steel

New Delhi. The rapid use of iron i.e. steel is increasing and due to its increasing demand, there will be a huge increase in carbon dioxide. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), a research and consulting provider on environmental issues, said on Thursday that domestic demand for steel will exceed four times in the next thirty years. Due to this, the emission of carbon dioxide will increase by about 600 million tons. Terry released the report on the second day of the 20th edition of its flagship program ‘World Sustainable Development Summit 2020.

The report stated that if the demand for steel continues to increase, carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 Can reach 83.7 million tonnes. He said that this will change the climate and will have serious effects on the environment. He said, “Domestic demand for steel is expected to increase to 489 million tonnes from the current 111. million tonnes, due to which the emission of carbon dioxide is expected to increase to 83.7 million tonnes from the current 242 million tonnes.” To reduce these side effects, suggested to use domestic junk, implement energy efficient measures and focus on better resource management in the entire economy.

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